President Trump’s First 100 Days – Wait, It’s Less than 20?

President Trump hasn’t wasted any time pissing off lots of people as President. He’s done a lot, but we need to pay attention to each misfire.

NPR recently ran an article describing the timeline of President Trump’s first two weeks in office. Many of the executive orders he signed and statements he made have been questionable at best; some may have even been illegal.

Here is a bullet list of Trump’s actions in the first two weeks:

  • Spoke at CIA; complained about coverage of inauguration (claims turnout was largest inauguration turnout; pictures and subway ridership numbers belie this)
  • Met with Congressional leaders; claimed there were between 3 million and 5 million illegal votes cast (did not offer sources; many reports point out only a handful of voter fraud cases)
  • Signed order reinstating Mexico City policy concerning federal funding for abortion providers
  • Spoke about withdrawing from the TPP
  • Issued federal hiring freeze
  • Approved construction of Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines
  • Ordered the construction of a wall on the southern border with Mexico
  • Directed Homeland Security to withhold funds from “sanctuary cities”
  • During interview, repeated his false claim that there were millions of illegal votes
  • Addressed GOP congressional retreat
  • Gave interview to Sean Hannity; talked about crowd size and illegal votes again, and stated he believes waterboarding works (his defense secretary, Gen. James Mattis, disagrees)
  • Issued an executive order blocking travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries; issue was met with much confusion and protesting, and a stay has been issued by federal court
  • Hosted British prime minister Theresa May
  • Appointed Steve Bannon to permanent member of the Principals Committee of the National Security Agency, and demoted director of national intelligence and chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to as-needed members
  • Called Russian President Vladimir Putin
  • Called Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull; call was tense
  • Banned administration appointees from ever lobbying foreign governments and from federal lobbying for 5 years after leaving office
  • Directed administration to develop a comprehensive plan to defeat ISIS
  • Authorized Navy SEAL raid in Yemen; one SEAL and several civilians were killed
  • Fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, after she told Justice Department lawyers not to defend the travel ban
  • Signed an order that says for every regulation the executive branch proposes, two others must be repealed
  • Nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court
  • Traveled to Dover AFB for return of Navy SEAL killed in raid
  • Spoke at National Prayer Breakfast; asked nation to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger, pledged to allow churches more leeway to enter political discussions
  • Signed order directing the review of the Dodd-Frank financial regulations
  • Signed order halting implementation of a rule mandating financial advisers act in the best interest of their clients
  • Tweeted about judge who suspended travel ban
  • At meeting of sheriffs, joked that he will destroy the career of a Texas senator
  • At same meeting, claimed muder rate is highest it’s been in 47 years (wrong; it’s half as high as it’s been at its maximum, about 4.9 deaths per 100,000, compared to more than 9% in the seventies)

There are a lot of items on this list, but let’s not let that stop us from fighting back on each and every one of them. The actions run the range from showing Trump doesn’t understand the role of President of the United States to being outright unconstitutional.

It’s human nature to forget the last egregious action when the next egregious action happens. Let’s never forget.


2 thoughts on “President Trump’s First 100 Days – Wait, It’s Less than 20?

  1. Of everything you listed, virtually all are benign. What’s your problem? He called Putin. Ooooh. Isn’t that what presidents do? What’s wrong with reviewing Dodd-Frank? Is that so bad? You know…………you listed so many things that are just spurious, so this entire post is without any merit whatsoever. Ooh, Donald doesn’t like red, so Melania had to wear blue………………….that is exactly the kind of thing you are putting forth.

    Look. DJT won. Republicans won. Not just at the national level, but also at the state level. There is a reason for that. What you just posted is it. Until you figure that out………………….democrats will never win……….unless republicans go overboard.

    When your champions are Pelosi, Waters, Lieawatha, Wasserman-Shulz, et al, you stand no chance. If this is where you are placing your eggs, I suggest you contemplate scrambled. The people have spoken and they want sunny side up. You can’t provide that.

  2. I’m still not comfortable with his relationship with Putin. It’s possible he’s being blackmailed. It’s also possible he’s trying to expand his business into Russia. We’ll never know about the first, and the only way we’ll know about the second is if he divests himself of his business interests, which he hasn’t done.

    After he mentioned reviewing Dodd-Frank, he talked about removing a requirement that financial analysts act in the best interest of their clients. That’s deregulation. I put two and two together and figured that a review of Dodd-Frank will be followed by loosening its requirements. That’s also a campaign promise. Those actions are not good for consumers, and could be dangerous for the economy.

    You also didn’t talk about the blocking of people from seven majority-Muslim nations. That order shows ignorance on several levels. It was executed poorly; there was massive confusion about its implementation. It is not a direct response to terrorist threats in the US; none of the attacks in the US were by countries included in the ban. It shows ignorance of the full ramification of any action the president takes; experts, including his own Secretary of Defense, say the ban will make us less safe abroad. Finally, it is unconstitutional as written and discussed, which led to the court actions and the injunction against the ban.

    Other items on the list are blatant lies, meant to bolster his ego and his standing as President. Those are not presidential actions, and it is not presidential demeanor. He has demonstrated over the past several years that he is thin-skinned. I worry that policy decisions made by the President when he feels offended would be ill-advised at best, dangerous at worst.

    You talk about “the people” having spoken. Remember that more than half of those people didn’t vote for him. I’m not suggesting Clinton deserved to win; both candidates and their teams knew the electoral college going in. I am saying that he does not have the massive support he might think he has, but he is acting like he won by a landslide.

    I encourage you to read the list again. Some are differences of policy, like the pipeline decisions, but many of them were declared dangerous by several experts. Too many of his actions are ill-advised and not well thought out.

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