An Embarrassment of Riches – Emphasis on Embarrassment

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Earlier this week, on December 28, NPR ran this story:

To summarize, here are the 11 serious missteps Trump made during his campaign:

  1. John McCain is “not a war hero”
  2. Trump says he’s never asked God for forgiveness
  3. Feud with Megyn Kelly: She had “blood coming out of her wherever”
  4. Megyn Kelly feud, part 2: skipping the final Iowa debate
  5. Losing Iowa
  6. Trump defends his manhood: “I guarantee you there’s no problem”
  7. Mocking a disabled reporter
  8. The “Mexican” judge
  9. Trump goes after a Gold Star family
  10. “Second Amendment people” may be able to stop Clinton
  11. And, of course, “grab them by the p****”

All this happened before he was elected President. History may have given us another “Teflon Don.”

After Trump was elected, he continued to show his lack of understanding of diplomacy, or in fact of anything related to being President. Here is a short list:

  1. He received a call from the president of Taiwan, breaking a 40-year relation with China and raising their ire.
  2. He has decided to forego daily intelligence briefings, saying he is “like a smart person” and doesn’t need to hear the same information every day.
  3. He had his daughter Ivanka in the room when he met with the prime minister of Japan, while she was working to get a hotel built in Japan.
  4. He spoke with the president of Argentina to get restrictions lifted so he could build in the country.
  5. He has refused to divest himself of his earnings, leading to possible profiting from his position as president (not a crime) and of receiving gifts from foreign leaders (prohibited by the Constitution). Depending on how the actual law was written, he may also run afoul of the STOCK Act.
  6. His relationship with President Vladimir Putin is also dangerous for national security. When asked about the Russian involvement in trying to affect the election, he said we should move on with our lives. When Putin refused to expel American diplomats after Obama expelled Russian diplomats and closed two Russian installations in the US, Trump called Putin “very smart.”

In regards to the last point, I’m anxious to see how he will react to the new sanctions once he takes office. If he immediately rescinds them, he will clearly be seen as toadying to the Russians. If he keeps them in place, whatever goodwill he tried to arrange with Russia will be lost.

Please note that this list is just things that are either illegal or a threat to national security. There are numerous other tweets made that, while not illegal, certainly show how thin-skinned our president-elect is, from reaction to the cast of “Hamilton” to reaction to “Saturday Night Live.” If this is how he reacts to celebrity and civilian comments, imagine what he would do when criticized by members of Congress or foreign leaders.

He also has shown a great disdain for the press. While nearly every President has cast a wary eye on the press, Trump has gone so far as to sue journalists who criticize him, and mentioned he would open up federal libel laws, so that he could more easily sue. (This is despite the fact that there are no federal libel laws.)

I’m sure there are more examples, as I suggested in the headline, an embarrassment of riches. If I’ve missed your favorite, please comment and let me know.

What progressives and other anti-Trump activists need to do now is to pay close attention to everything Trump does, and pounce at the first opportunity to call his actions into legal question. Fortunately, many have echoed this sentiment and are at the ready.


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