Putting All the Pieces of the Theory Together

The debates are over, and the first presidential primaries are just around the corner. That means it’s time for me… to put together my Big Bang Theory LEGO model!

Every so often, LEGO takes ideas from the public, and if they see a market for an idea, they execute it. Many people like the idea of a model of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room, so they created it!



“The Big Bang Theory” is currently one of my must-watch TV shows. I’m also a LEGO fan; in fact, “The LEGO Movie” was awesome! So naturally my wife Cindy realized a combination of the two would be a perfect Christmas gift. (She was right.)



First, I had to make sure I followed the directions to a T. (I think my son AJ’s expression is saying, “OK, Dad, that’s cute. Can we build the thing?)



Living room is built; now it’s time to furnish it.



AJ is working on assembling one of the many bookshelves in the room.



Bobble-head Sheldon is supervising the assembly of his tiny friends. (OK, acquaintances.)



The detail on the pieces is pretty good. Here’s the newspaper.



This is one of the whiteboards. Instead of just adding random scribbles or equations, they made a rebus. (I don’t know what it says; any ideas?)



Bookcases are up. Next is the rest of the furniture.



“Penny, you’re in my spot.”



The finished product! I know it’s only a LEGO facsimile, but I still think it’s pretty neat.


So, now that you know one of my obsessions, we can discuss why the battle for the Sword of Azeroth in the first season was a great opening and why the Christmas episode in the second season is going to go down in history. I hope the discussions won’t be as heated as my political discussions, but I doubt it.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to write!



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