According to Dennis Prager, I’m a Half-Liberal

A Facebook friend posted this article from, where Dennis Prager gives a list of ideas that I guess he thinks a true liberal will hold:

First, this article is a textbook example of leading questions. Prager also uses the word “good” a lot, and doesn’t exactly define it. Maybe his point is that liberals will think certain points are good in their mind, and so they agree with them. As everyone knows, there are lots of facets to “good” and “bad,” and some may or may not apply.

I found my responses in some cases were longer than the questions, and not strictly “agree” or “disagree.” Here they are:

You say you are a liberal, do you really believe the following:

1. Standards for admissions to universities, fire departments, etc. should be lowered for people of color.

Disagree (if their scores are the equivalent of others, they may be given preference)

2. Bilingual education for children of immigrants, rather than immersion in English, is good for them and for America.

Agree (although the question is terrible; what defines “good?”)

3. Murderers should never be put to death.


4. During the Cold War, America should have adopted a nuclear arms freeze.

I can’t second-guess history. Too many variables.

5. Colleges should not allow ROTC programs.


6. It was wrong to wage war against Saddam Hussein in the Gulf War.

First Gulf War, disagree. Second one, agree.

7. Poor parents should not be allowed to have vouchers to send their children to private schools.

Wait – “allowed to have vouchers?” Who is proposing vouchers but restricting them from poor parents?

This is a very slanted question. The reason people are opposed to vouchers is that it will further increase the disparity between rich and poor. Richer students will opt for private schools, meaning public schools, where poorer people will be going to school, will become worse than they are now.

8. It is good that trial lawyers and teachers unions are the two biggest contributors to the Democratic Party.

There’s that word “good” again. Democratic values align more closely with labor and trial lawyers, so it’s not surprising they are big contributors.

9. Marriage should be redefined from male-female to any two people.


10. A married couple should not have more of a right to adopt a child than two men or two women.

Agree; all adoptions need to be done on a case-by-case basis.

11. The Boy Scouts should not be allowed to use parks or any other public places and should be prohibited from using churches and synagogues for their meetings.

Disagree. (But how do you feel about the New York Boy Scout Council hiring an openly gay young adult as a camp counselor?)

12. The present high tax rates are good.

Again, define “good.” I think taxes need to be higher on those making more money, so I suppose agree.

13. Speech codes on college campuses are good and American values are bad.

Two separate questions. Speech codes are not good on college campuses; that should be the place to explore options that are out of the mainstream. American values are bad? Most are not. It has nothing to do with speech on campus.

14. The Israelis and Palestinians are morally equivalent.


15. The United Nations is a moral force for good in the world, and therefore America should be subservient to it and such international institutions as a world court.

I agree that the UN is a moral force for good in the world. However, since the US is an important part of the UN, it needs to have a say in the decisions it makes.

16. It is good that colleges have dropped hundreds of men’s sports teams in order to meet gender-based quotas.

Can’t Prager come up with more precise words than “good?” I can’t answer that one.

17. No abortions can be labeled immoral.

Only ones done in back alleys, because they take advantage of the woman.

18. Restaurants should be prohibited by law from allowing customers to choose between a smoking and a non-smoking section.

Disagree. (Where did that one come from?)

19. High schools should make condoms available to students and teach them how to use them.


20. Racial profiling for terrorists is wrong — a white American grandmother should as likely be searched as a Saudi young male.

Agree, but the question is a setup. Make searches random, increase them if necessary, then you will be safer and not have to profile.

21. Racism and poverty — not a lack of fathers and a crisis of values — are the primary causes of violent crime in the inner city.


22. It is wrong and unconstitutional for students to be told, “God bless you” at their graduation.

Disagree. (Again, that’s a silly statement.)

23. No culture is morally superior to any other.


Final score: Agree 10 1/2, disagree 6 1/2, Huh? 6.

If you really want to see your political bent, let me suggest “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz:”


On that one, I’m solidly liberal.


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