Executive Order/Action/Whatever

There are a lot of different parts of the immigration debate that I could discuss. Here, though, I will limit my post to discussing President Obama’s executive order to increase border security, focus deportation efforts on felons here illegally, and provide a path for immigrant workers to stay in the country and not fear being deported. Correction – it wasn’t an executive order, it was an executive action. There was nothing formal written down. Obama just gave direction to the Department of Homeland Security on where to focus their efforts.

We all know the illegal immigrant problem is overwhelming. Law enforcement can’t possibly find and deport all illegal aliens – there just isn’t the manpower or money. So, they must focus their efforts in deporting some people and not questioning others. All Obama did was give the Department of Homeland Security their marching orders.

Republicans (at least it seems to be mostly Republicans) are crying that Obama’s executive order – sorry, executive action – is unconstitutional. How can we decide if it’s unconstitutional? Let’s check the Constitution.

The relevant portion is Article II, Section 3. Toward the end of the section, there is the phrase “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”. This is the section that gives the president the authority, in fact the duty, to make sure laws are carried out. Not all laws can be enforced fully; we have limited resources. Therefore, a decision must be made on where to apply our resources. Who makes that decision? The President.

So I think the Republicans are wasting their time suing the President and trying to declare his executive action (got it right that time) unconstitutional. They have other means at their disposal: refuse to fund the Department of Homeland Security unless the action is rescinded. Low staffing and many immigrants are current problems at DHS; cutting off their funding will only make things worse, and will make sure illegal aliens who have committed felonies will not be deported.

There are other things I could say about immigration policy, but I will save that for another time. I’m running low on resources.


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