Facebook discussions don’t go into enough depth. “Like” if you agree!

I scan Facebook a lot less than I used to. It may be because I can’t look at it at work, and it may be because once I do, I get sucked into a lot of the discussions. What I had been posting on Facebook were usually responses to current events comments and memes. Some of the posts were long, and the responses were long, either because someone was going into more depth, someone was presenting a lot of facts, or someone was simply ranting.

When I responded to a post, I wanted to go into depth and get beyond the sound bite that only addressed the topic superficially. Unfortunately, I don’t think Facebook is the ideal platform for protracted discussions. So, I thought about starting a blog. I thought about it a while ago, but never got my round tuit. The blog day has finally arrived.

When discussions and dialogue are concerned, Facebook is more like Speaker’s Corner in London; people stand up and shout at a mostly apathetic crowd, and occasionally someone gets in a shouting match with the speaker. I hope this blog has more of the feel of “Hey, let me buy you a beer and we’ll talk about this in the bar.” We can make the conversation more in depth and have solid discussions without distractions from other Facebook items and from its simplistic editor.

For now, the blog will be somewhat irregular, until I get in a rhythm, and until I learn more about WordPress and all the clever things I can do with it. I hope my Facebook friends will follow me here and will contribute to the discussions. Let me know what you think. Thanks for indulging me!


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